With immense gratitude…

Meditation  Experience

“Lucy is a storyteller. She paints the journey we embark on with vivid imagery that engages all the senses. Her unique ability to remain fluid within the imagery and intertwining between the realms is unique. The sound of her voice at times sounds other worldly. It needs to be experienced to be understood. The vibrations linger for days. The chakra clearing and balancing at the start of the meditation to ensure we are ready to receive the energies fully, is something that needs to be experienced to be understood. I try to attend every time Lucy offers it. Luc, Ile Bizard.

“I woke up this morning feeling drained but now I am feeling very energized and so happy. Also, I had a stiff neck and shoulder pain last couple of days. After the sharp pain during the end of the meditation, the stiffness seems to have disappeared !! Thank you again for welcoming me in your home and sharing your gift.” Andrea – Pointe-Claire, QC

“Ces méditations m’apporte une grande paix intérieur et un grand calme. Ça nous procure pleins d’énergie positive qui nous aide à faire face au quotidien. merci Lucy”. Luc – Ile Bizard, QC

I am grateful heart“Brings so much peace, tranquillity and wisdom to my life.  If you have never attended Lucy’s meditations with her Angelic voice, I highly recommend you give yourself A gift of Love & join us.” Francoise – Dorval, QC

“Just came back from an amazing sound meditation with Lucy Toppetta! So very powerful! Her voice resonated all through my body. Tears came down!! Lots of great insights and met wonderful people! I highly recommend it. To know more contact Lucy directly. She leads the meditations every Monday in DDO.” Monica, DDO, QC.

“Your vocal vibrations wrapped me like a warm blanket on a cold evening”! Michele, DDO, QC

“I felt your voice enter through my crown chakra and slide down to each of my other chakras cleansing, energizing and balancing them. So powerful”! Mary, DDO, QC

“The vibrations were sweet and soft, then strong and powerful, then gentle on my body until they rocked me hard, My stomach is still shaking but I feel invigorated, strong and fearless!  Thank you!!!”  Linda, Pointe-Claire, QC

“I’ve done lots of meditations and other healing modalities, but I have never journeyed as deep nor healed as much since joining last November!”  Anne, Laval, QC

“I believe that I actually went into a deep trance – something I have only done very seldom on my own, but never in a group setting.” Nancy, Beaconsfield, QC

“Although I had no expectations, as this is my first experience, I was very surprised by what was revealed.” Neil, Vaudreuil, QC

“I didn’t want to come out of it…my body was pulling me towards where the sounds were coming from….intense vibration”. Liam, Lachine, QC


“I felt as though I were in a cocoon of soft vibrations…an all over body experience”.  Mina, Montreal West, QC

I had a huge breakthrough…I wasn’t expecting that to happen but glad I can now see the situation clearer. Thank you, Lucy, for this space” Maria, Pointe-Claire, QC

“That Monday night was so powerful….the next day I felt like a new person. The calm I carried allowed me to let things slide.  It was perfect for the road trip which was great, there was no drama. It helped me explain things more clearly to my sister with her own struggles….now I understand what you were saying to me. Thank you” Michele, DDO, QC

“Lucy has the voice of an angel with so much healing behind it.  I try not to miss her weekly circles.” Maria, Brossard, QC

“I always get something out of Lucy’s circles. She is very generous with her skills.”  Harry, DDO, QC


REIKI  (Distance and Live) Experience

“Lucy’s talents as a Reiki Grand Master are truly incredible, even in distance reiki! If you are feeling out of sorts, I recommend contacting her. Even mini distance sessions are affordable and highly effective! Call her!  Following 3 mini distant Reiki treatments: I was detoxing exhausted and inflamed all night but incredibly the next day, I regained so much resiliency! I totally expected to be exhausted following the last treatment but it was the complete opposite!  I am feeling psychedelic today! Colours are brighter, I am stronger, buoyant, powerful yet calm. I know a woman in Boston who charges hundreds of dollars per skype session and recommends three sessions (which is what Lucy’s protocol was) and although they were helpful, I have never felt such a release from my symptoms as I did with Lucy’s treatment. So, Lucy, pat yourself on the back, my dear, your gifts will bring you success someday.” Maureen Maher, Osteopath BA, DO(Qc), DOMP, SOC (Ville St Laurent, QC)

flora-1839558_1920“I suffer from symptoms of ADHD and despite medication, I still struggle with staying calm. After a 45 minute-reiki session with Lucy, I feel like I slept for 5 hours! I never felt so relaxed” Sam, Montreal, QC

“I am very lucky to have met a great Reiki Master like Lucy. The moment I met her, I connected with her instantly, she is so sweet and caring, I felt like I wanted to hug her like I do to my mom. I tend to be very hyper and anxious at work. Lucy was able to balance out all my chakras.  Also the following week I had my very first mini gala presentation, therefore, I really wanted this to be able to stay focused and calm. Prior to the presentation I was practising and was nervous. That day of the presentation, the moment the audience got in, I became calmer for a second it felt surreal then it was all natural, I loved it it was an amazing experience which will go on for the next mini gala quarters. This is not a coincidence, Lucy did it amazing job she helps us to be more balanced, just be in the moment, having our chakras balanced we are better guided to be aware and improve the quality of our life, mind and soul. Thanks, Lucy :)”   Nasim, Pointe-Claire, QC

“It was an incredible moment!  I asked Reiki Grandmaster Lucy for Distance Reiki to prepare me for my very first presentation at my high-stressed job at a financial institution.  I had never done one before and was feeling ill over the thought “what if I fail?”  A few moments leading up to my presentation, I felt incredibly calm and focused. Once I entered the room facing all of my colleagues, I felt calmer than I had ever been. My heart returned to a regular beat and then the words flowed. The applause was overwhelming and the kudos from my peers was unexpected!  Thank you, Lucy, for giving me such a gift of Reiki energy.  I couldn’t have hurdled this challenge without it!! See you soon!!” Sabba, Pointe-Claire, QC

“I have been suffering from hip and knee pain for some time, and following a treatment from Lucy, it improved my condition by 90%. I am very happy with not only what she does, but also her gentle demeanour and all her knowledge. Lucy is great in combining Reiki with crystal therapy which I have greatly benefited from. I am on my way to healing completely with her help!” Janice, Montreal, QC

“I came to Lucy to experience relief for my broken heart. I received an hour of peace. Her hands on my body allowed me to slow down long enough to reconnect with myself, the part of me that knows I am in the right place at the right time. Meditation is difficult for me because I am a restless soul but I was able to come close to ewood heartsxperiencing what I think being in the moment is all about.”  – Susan, M.Ed. Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC

“I had the chance to receive healing energy from Lucy. Her hands are amazingly hot and seem to work themselves through the areas I was struggling with. My lower back was hurting for a week until Lucy’s Reiki treatment dissolved the pain. She also helped me relax for a big presentation.”  André, M.Ed. , Montreal, QC

“After receiving therapy from Lucy I am comfortable with referring her to friends and family. This therapy has helped with my neck pains. I look forward to using her services again in the near future.” Sandra, Lachine, QC

“My mum has a lot of back pain. Lucy used distance reiki for her and she felt better. She couldn’t sleep but after healing was sent, she fell asleep. Thank You!!” Matthew, Ville Emard, QC

Whenever my husband gets really bad headaches, we just call Lucy and in minutes the paiheart-3085515_1920n goes away….she works really quickly and cares so much for healing, she has also helped my little son with his acid reflux problems his condition has improved a lot …..thank you Lucy xo.  Lisa, LaSalle, QC

Dear Lucy, Just a few words to say thank you and how grateful we all are for what you have done for us. You have guided us and gave us strength during our hours of mourning in the passing of my beloved mom. You reassured us she is in spirit and is happy. Not to mention the explanation of the flowers. You helped me understand what her message was all about. I am truly intrigued and amazed by your beliefs and your dedication. I will always look up to you for guidance as you bring us the peace and the assurance we need to move on without our dearly departed. You are a healer and a mentor and a good soul who puts herself out there to help others with their needs. With that said again on behalf of myself and my family thank you for your support and for being there for us. God bless you, Lucy!!!! Maria, LaSalle, QC

Dear Lucy, my family and I want to thank you deeply for sending us reiki during the passing of my grandmother and for giving us the biggest gift of being able to communicate with her in letting us know she has crossed over happy and is watching over us all. No words can describe the gratitude feel for the gift you have given us thank you again.  Love, your niece Lisa and family, LaSalle, QC

Distance Reiki is quite amazing. My migraine was out of control. Lucy, thank you so much for sending reiki energy. I slept like a baby!! Much love, Peter, Ottawa, Ontario
Awesome experience!! Thank you, Lucy, my back is so much better…..the key is to relax enough so that my body can do the rest….you were so right! Mary, Montreal, QC

I have had migraines most of my life. I have tried most therapies that work for a while and then, stop. Since meeting Lucy and trying reiki for the first time, I have had sustained relief from my migraines. After only 3 treatments I began to notice a huge difference. I don’t suffer as often as I used to and I am so grateful for her help!! Try reiki – it really does work!!  Sylvie, Pierrefonds, QCheart-1077724_1920

Mia madre ha 85 anni e stava male dalla fine di gennaio, aveva una brutta bronchite e la febbre alta tutti i giorni. Prendeva le medicine per la bronchite ed anche la tachipirina per abbassare la febbre che era troppo alta. Aveva preso medicine per più di un mese ed ormai, se la situazione rimaneva così, bisognava ricoverarla in ospedale. La sera del 27 febbraio alle 8 di sera ho scritto a Lucy che mamma stava male, chiedendole di farle il Reiki e lei lo ha fatto subito. Appena dopo il Reiki mamma mi disse che aveva sentito una bella sensazione di fresco ed incredibilmente la febbre se ne era andata da sola, senza prendere la medicina. Da allora le è risalita la febbre un paio di volte, ma la cosa meravigliosa è che entrambe le volte se ne è andata da sola. Naturalmente Lucy ha continuato con il Reiki. Ora mamma sta bene, è ancora un po’ debole, ma la bronchite e la febbre sono finalmente scomparse. Un grazie infinito a te Lucy ed alla incredibile straordinaria potenza del tuo Reiki.  Franca, Avezzano, Prov. Aquila, Italy

I felt that energy come full force towards me…felt it instantly…this is unreal I wish there was a way to show people around the world that it really works. I Love u Lucy xxx   Annick,  Montreal, QC