“Ces méditations m’apporte une grande paix intérieur et un grand calme. Ça nous procure pleins d’énergie positive qui nous aide à faire face au quotidien. merci Lucy”. Luc – Ile Bizard, QC

Luc B

“The vibrations were sweet and soft, then strong and powerful, then gentle on my body until they rocked me hard, My stomach is still shaking but I feel invigorated, strong and fearless!  Thank you!!!”  Linda, Pointe-Claire, QC


“Lucy is a storyteller. She paints the journey we embark on with vivid imagery that engages all the senses. Her unique ability to remain fluid within the imagery and intertwining between the realms is unique. The sound of her voice at times sounds other worldly. It needs to be experienced to be understood. The vibrations linger for days. The chakra clearing and balancing at the start of the meditation to ensure we are ready to receive the energies fully, is something that needs to be experienced to be understood. I try to attend every time Lucy offers it. Luc, Ile Bizard.


“I felt your voice enter through my crown chakra and slide down to each of my other chakras cleansing, energizing and balancing them. So powerful”! Mary, DDO, QC


Lucy, Wow ! What an amazing evening. Your singing meditation was awesome 💗. Your beautiful spirit literally came out through your singing. Thank you

Susan F