“I am very lucky to have met a great Reiki Master like Lucy. The moment I met her, I connected with her instantly, she is so sweet and caring, I felt like I wanted to hug her like I do to my mom. I tend to be very hyper and anxious at work. Lucy was able to balance out all my chakras.  Also the following week I had my very first mini gala presentation, therefore, I really wanted this to be able to stay focused and calm. Prior to the presentation I was practising and was nervous. That day of the presentation, the moment the audience got in, I became calmer for a second it felt surreal then it was all natural, I loved it it was an amazing experience which will go on for the next mini gala quarters. This is not a coincidence, Lucy did it amazing job she helps us to be more balanced, just be in the moment, having our chakras balanced we are better guided to be aware and improve the quality of our life, mind and soul. Thanks, Lucy :)”   Nasim, Pointe-Claire, QC