“Lucy’s talents as a Reiki Grand Master are truly incredible, even in distance reiki! If you are feeling out of sorts, I recommend contacting her. Even mini distance sessions are affordable and highly effective! Call her!  Following 3 mini distant Reiki treatments: I was detoxing exhausted and inflamed all night but incredibly the next day, I regained so much resiliency! I totally expected to be exhausted following the last treatment but it was the complete opposite!  I am feeling psychedelic today! Colours are brighter, I am stronger, buoyant, powerful yet calm. I know a woman in Boston who charges hundreds of dollars per skype session and recommends three sessions (which is what Lucy’s protocol was) and although they were helpful, I have never felt such a release from my symptoms as I did with Lucy’s treatment. So, Lucy, pat yourself on the back, my dear, your gifts will bring you success someday.” Maureen Maher, Osteopath BA, DO(Qc), DOMP, SOC (Ville St Laurent, QC)