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Spiritual Musings: Connecting to Divine Energy – Yes You Can

Clients often ask me, “I feel like there’s something missing in my life, but don’t know what it is”.  Deepening spirituality is on the rise.  What does that mean?  Events in our local communities to worldwide retreats, endless articles, and inspirational thoughts on spirituality have become a daily occurrence and for some, simply overwhelming. Photos… Continue reading Spiritual Musings: Connecting to Divine Energy – Yes You Can

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Affirmations Through Music

When mantras meet music, we get Kirtan! Kirtan is a Sanskrit word that means reciting a story or prayer, or mantra and is considered a form of devotion to a specific deity of ancient Vedic times. In modern times, a kirtana, the musical experience of the call and response, is practiced globally by many, not… Continue reading Affirmations Through Music

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Affirmations: The Thoughts-Words-Actions Connection

Keeping your throat chakra balanced and energized may seem simple enough to do but most people trip up or dance around saying what is truly on their mind for fear of judgment, or worse, reprisal.  “Sticking your foot in your mouth” has often been a tagline for those who dare speak their truth but somehow… Continue reading Affirmations: The Thoughts-Words-Actions Connection