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REIKI is an ancient healing modality, dating back 5,000 years.  Ancient texts reveal that it was widely used in Tibet before it made its way to Japan in the 19th century and was put into modern practice by Sensei Mikao Usui. Although there are many lineages, techniques, and usages, REIKI basically harnesses Universal Life Force Energy, or God Source Energy that already surrounds us, is non-religious, deeply relaxing and promotes healing.

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Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation which promotes healing. The Reiki Master uses a  laying of the hands’ technique over a fully-clothed client typically on a massage table.  It can also be performed while seated, as well as by distance. The practitioner does not produce the energy but is only a medium through which it is transferred to the client. Typically resulting in complete relaxation, the energy encourages the body to heal, the mind to rest, and the spirit to soar. This technique is perfect for those who have difficulty relaxing on their own. Clients with ADHD, for example, have found it most helpful to shut out the “noise”. Clients recovering from illness or injury enjoy the benefits of Reiki as it speeds up recovery time.

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The Reiki Master starts at the top of the head and works down towards the feet of their client affecting every major chakra When these energy wheels are balanced, the body releases stress and can begin to heal itself.  During the treatment, the client can feel the heat coming from the Reiki Master’s hands which will help them relax, and in some cases, fall asleep.  Chakras play an integral role in our energetic body and need to be balanced and energized regularly.

According to ancient scripts, we have 7 energy centers or wheels along the middle of our body.  Each chakra is aligned with an anatomical position in the body, as well, assigned a color. Ancient traditions believe that when the energy wheels are sluggish or are unbalanced we experience physical, emotional and mental issues. To learn basic information on chakras, please follow this link to IARP.

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