Just Breathe - Meditation, La Luz Therapy Lucy Toppetta

For some, the word meditation evokes pangs of discomfort.  For many, they can’t go a day without it.

Meditation is a practice in which you are totally immersed in a moment or more. It is non-religious and holds no dogma.  Meditation is a time where, through focused breath, you connect with who you truly are inside. This connection can bring inspiration, motivation, peace, love, joy and so much more.  You could be sitting in prayer, knitting, lovingly preparing a meal, or walking in nature.  It can be as short  as 5 minutes and as long as hours.  It is finally a disconnection from the busy outside world.

Meditation does not come very easily to many.  The constant mind chatter, yielding to distractions, or just finding a space of your own can all keep you from getting those few precious moments to connect to your breath. Breathing is key.

Lake view for meditation and quiet time - La Luz Therapy, Lucy Toppetta

When you follow your inhales and exhales, something quite amazing begins to happen.  Your body becomes more oxygenated, and all your systems begin to work more efficiently while allowing you to enter a very relaxed state.  Now, how to peace you’ve achieved.  When this happens, acknowledge the thought but don’t engage with it, just let it flow by like a soapy bubble and come back to following your breath. Spending 10 minutes in this meditative state in nature is equal to a 30 minute indoor practice.  So whenever possible, go outdoors.

Guided spoken meditation, or music with binaural beats, or with a specific frequency like 432hz or 528hz  are options you might consider instead of a silent practice.

Currently, La Luz Therapy offers an intimate circle of healing vocal vibrations and guided meditation. “Lucy’s compassionate heart along with her powerful vocal abilities will leave you relaxed, restored and renewed, as you allow the unique reiki-infused vibrations to affect you at the cellular level”. Vickie.  Meditating in a group increases the energies exponentially so that relaxation and journeying become much easier to achieve.

Healing Song Guided Meditation - La Luz Therapy Lucy Toppetta

Relaxing and restorative meditation is necessary to be practiced on a regular basis to enjoy profound and lasting benefits. I do all the work while you travel on a journey to healing at all levels. As no two journeys or vocal vibrations are ever alike, it’s a new experience every time.

Music in itself always carries the power to evoke emotions. It can be a subtle or strong vibration capable of altering your mood, stirring an old memory, or lulling you into a total state of relaxation. My channeled vocal vibrations will impact each participant differently, depending on their particular need. As in any concert, each take away will always differ, but be nonetheless impactful. Whether you are nursing a broke heart, an injured shoulder or have overall malaise, when you are ready and open to receive, the vibrations will help restore the balance.

Join me in my Healing Song Guided Meditation circle by sending an email to An Events page is under construction so that you don’t miss a thing!

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