Inspirational Art

Reminders and Inspirations – I Am Series

We often forget to say loving and uplifting words to ourselves, most especially when we need it most.  These inspirational “I Am” statement frames were created to place nearby as regular reminders that we are Lovable and Strong and Brave. Seeing them constantly in our environment will not only be uplifting at the moment we see them, but they will help reprogram our thoughts and behaviours to shift towards more positive thinking about ourselves and develop more self-love. I hope they can do that for you or someone you love.

They have all been printed on Kodak paper in a glossy finish and placed in frames that are made of wood, plastic or metal. All are designed to rest on a flat surface unless otherwise indicated. (4×6 inches or 10x15cm; 5×7 inches or 13x18cm; 8×19.5 or 20cm x 50cm).  They have been lovingly prepared and infused with Reiki energy.

This Is Me (5×7)

We don’t regularly say “nice” things to ourselves because we are busy uplifting and supporting others. If this is you, or you know someone who needs to be reminded of statements like “I Am Smart”, “I Am Healthy”, “I Am Considerate” make sure this is the inspirational aid in their “toolbox”. This is also the perfect gift for that young person in your life to remind them of how wonderful they are!


I Am Kind, Lovable, Unique and Brave (8 x 19.5)

Here are 4 very special I Am statements for you or a loved one to keep close as a reminder of your awesomeness! Hanging this in that perfect space where it is visible not only to you but to visitors as well, will help inspire, uplift and motivate. Every time we recite an “I Am” statement, we stand a little taller, laugh a little louder, and love ourselves a little harder!


I Am Balanced (4×6)

When your days turn into weeks and months without remembering a thing, here is your reminder to remain centered and balanced in the storm. Placing this inspirational aid on your desk or that of a loved one will be the reminder to take 3 deep breaths, get anchored to the earth and stand tall. A well-rooted tree can withstand any storm! Be that tree!


I Am Unique (4×6)

Everyone is special in their own way and it is important to honor what makes you unique. Out of everyone in the entire world you are the only you! Celebrate your uniqueness every day with this colorful reminder placed in a space where you or your loved one will see it every day! How cool is that?


I Am Brave (4×6)

Just when you think that your fear has taken over and will never let go, a spark ignites, the soul is awakened and the fear has gone! This "I Am Brave" statement carries a lot of energy to help uplift you in times of struggle or decision-making. Whether that is you or someone you love, keeping this picture close by will be all the inspiration needed to climb that mountain or move those barriers to your dreams!


I Am Lovable (5×7)

Cuteness all around! If you or someone you love needs to be reminded that they are lovable and that hugs and kisses will be in abundance, this is that perfect inspirational aid! Placing this in that perfect space where it is always visible will help uplift and shift thoughts. Share this with a young person who is struggling or someone you love to tell them how special they are. Caution: the desire to give yourself a hug...or get a puppy or kitten could be a side effect!!


I Am Lovable (4×6)

This cute photo reminds us that no matter what, we are always lovable and that hugs and kisses will be in abundance! Share this with a young person who is struggling or someone you love to tell them how special they are.


I Am Joyful (4×6)

Feeling low? Missed an opportunity? This reminder to be joyful regardless of how many lemons life throws at you is a great aid to your daily “work”. By boosting your Solar Plexus Chakra with plenty of bright yellow and giddy laughter for no reason, the blues will quickly melt away.


Contact me directly should you have any questions about these products or the options available.  Delivery charges may apply if outside the West Island area.  Special custom-made orders are available in any language. Let me know what you are looking for!