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Benefits of Meditation: Inspiration to Wellness

What comes to mind when you think of meditation?  Is it sitting in a lotus position..." if I could only manage it with my tight hips!" Perhaps, it's closing your eyes tightly until you feel some peacefulness overcome you..."That's not going to happen," you shriek! Or maybe it's reciting Om 108 times, but you keep losing count!… Continue reading Benefits of Meditation: Inspiration to Wellness

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Affirmations: The Thoughts-Words-Actions Connection

Keeping your throat chakra balanced and energized may seem simple enough to do but most people trip up or dance around saying what is truly on their mind for fear of judgment, or worse, reprisal.  “Sticking your foot in your mouth” has often been a tagline for those who dare speak their truth but somehow… Continue reading Affirmations: The Thoughts-Words-Actions Connection