Lucy Toppetta, Second Act! What’s in it for you?

From a career in an educational institution for nearly 30 years, I have come to this:  from a singer to sound therapist, from healing facilitator to meditation teacher and from blogger to web designer, I have reached the second act. In a digital world such as ours, we entrepreneurs need to keep up with the networking, get creative … Continue reading Lucy Toppetta, Second Act! What’s in it for you?

Ancient Healing Techniques are Back in a Big Way!

Alternative medicine and holistic healers are filling in the gap left behind by unfulfilled promises made by conventional medicine. We, as a generation are slowly beginning to realize that much of our health can be completely in our control.  From proper nutrition to regular exercise, just to cite the basic essentials, many physical issues can … Continue reading Ancient Healing Techniques are Back in a Big Way!

What is the Healing Song Guided Meditation?

Meditation comes in all forms. Repeatedly going to a quiet space in our physical world will allow us to visit the more ethereal spaces that exist beyond us. These spaces are filled with knowledge, wisdom, joy, and in many cases, healing. We are never left however, unmoved by the power of meditation. Healing Song Guided Meditation is one such practice.  But first, let's examine the concept of taking an internal pause.

Why Can’t You Manifest Stuff??

So, you've been trying to manifest using the Law of Attraction (thoughts become things), and somehow, nothing! Nada! Niente! Do you know why?? I'll tell you why. It's very simple! You must keep your vibration high and constantly revved up! Huh? you ask! Every. Single. Day. Morning and Night you must devote time to the work. Yes, THE WORK! You've placed … Continue reading Why Can’t You Manifest Stuff??

Spiritual Musings: Connecting to Divine Energy – Yes You Can

Clients often ask me, “I feel like there’s something missing in my life, but don’t know what it is”.  Deepening spirituality is on the rise.  What does that mean?  Events in our local communities to worldwide retreats, endless articles, and inspirational thoughts on spirituality have become a daily occurrence and for some, simply overwhelming. Photos … Continue reading Spiritual Musings: Connecting to Divine Energy – Yes You Can

Benefits of Meditation: Inspiration to Wellness

What comes to mind when you think of meditation?  Is it sitting in a lotus position..." if I could only manage it with my tight hips!" Perhaps, it's closing your eyes tightly until you feel some peacefulness overcome you..."That's not going to happen," you shriek! Or maybe it's reciting Om 108 times, but you keep losing count! … Continue reading Benefits of Meditation: Inspiration to Wellness

Affirmations: The Thoughts-Words-Actions Connection

Keeping your throat chakra balanced and energized may seem simple enough to do but most trip up or dance around saying what is truly on their mind for fear of judgment, or worse, reprisal.  “Sticking your foot in your mouth” has often been a tagline for those who dare speak their truth but somehow fumble … Continue reading Affirmations: The Thoughts-Words-Actions Connection