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Why Can’t You Manifest Stuff??

So, you've been trying to manifest using the Law of Attraction (thoughts become things), and somehow, nothing! Nada! Niente! Do you know why?? I'll tell you why. It's very simple! You must keep your vibration high and constantly revved up! Huh? you ask! Every. Single. Day. Morning and Night you must devote time to the work. Yes, THE WORK! You've placed… Continue reading Why Can’t You Manifest Stuff??

Affirmations, Inspiration, Law of Attraction

Spiritual Musings: How is it Going?

Grab a tea, a coffee, or a smoothie and sit with me for a little while! Here we are, more than halfway through the year! Have you achieved some of what you intended at the start of the year? Have you discovered truths about yourself that have put you on a different path altogether, and… Continue reading Spiritual Musings: How is it Going?