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La Luz Light Institute

Welcome to the “Institute of Higher-Realm Learning”

I founded and launched La Luz Therapy – Healing with a Gentle Touch™ in 2013 as a soft place to land when stress, anxiety and energetic blockages prevent you from moving forward. Hi, my name is Lucy Toppetta and I am trained in advanced techniques in Tibetan Usui Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Meditation, Aromatherapy, and Channeled Singing Voice Sound Therapy with Reiki.

Reiki sessions to help melt away the day to day or life-long stressors and blockages are at the heart of La Luz Therapy’s main objective but, it’s not the only way to find your way out of the dark, or if you’re looking for a little help to just tune out!

I am very excited to finally launch La Luz Light Institute™ and would like to extend a warm welcome to you.  Let us be your beacon of light with a series of inspiring, informative, as well as fun workshops to add to your toolbox while on your miraculous journey of self-discovery. And don’t forget about the regularly scheduled Healing Song Guided Meditation™ circles to help you navigate your spiritual and healing journey.

Pick your door La Luz Therapy reiki meditation wellness vocal sound therapy Lucy Toppetta

Are you feeling lost and confused?

If you are feeling called to better understand the subtle changes that you are experiencing, or need answers to pressing questions about energetic shifts that people are whispering about, or what it means to be in the vortex, then you have come to a safe place where acceptance, compassion and healing are key components in revealing your purpose and easing you into your unique journey.

Purpose! What purpose?? Journey! What journey??

Whether you believe it or not, we have all been given a unique purpose, or job to complete in this lifetime. This could be as small as caring for a pet who without you, may have been euthanized.  This pet can set a series of events in motion for you that may not only make a difference in your life, but in the lives of others. So, in theory, your pet’s soul has a purpose as well.

Perhaps your purpose is to, one day, experience that one event brought on by someone  who will change the course of your life and in turn, positively affect the lives of others. Crossing paths with numerous “teachers” everyday throughout our life begin the breadcrumbs towards our own life purpose.  It may be a one-time encounter with someone you will never see again but who, in one moment in time, profoundly alters your perception of life, completely changing its trajectory.  This is how “it” all works. There is a plan we each have been imbedded with and, of course, we can choose to follow it or not. If we do, all will be revealed.  We are all connected, all teachers and learners on the same journey, each with particular tasks creating a web of interconnectedness and powerful energy with, and for each other.

The Nudging and Canoodling

The Universe, God, Spirit – whatever you wish to call the higher power outside ourselves – and you believe that there is one or you wouldn’t still be reading, regularly nudges us towards watching for subtle messages placed on our path. Problem is, we don’t always recognize the signs we are being led to, and often miss them. Some don’t give it a second thought and move along life completely unaware that there’s more, and are probably not reading this. And that’s OK! That may be great for some, but for those who keep feeling that pull towards “more”, that constant “kick in the pants” to write, sing, travel, the regular “bop on the head” to play the ukulele and having no idea why this keeps coming back…well for you, status quo is no longer an option.

When we are subtly nudged towards looking at something, or perhaps, to buying a certain book, or taking in a movie that totally resonates with us, we are being brought to a certain awareness that is important to the progress of our unique journey. Call it a little nugget of wisdom to move you further along. This can sometimes lead, however, to confusion, frustration and fear of how to move forward or still not understanding the “why”. We may throw our hands up and yell “Uncle” and will want to give up. Please don’t!

Choose your life La Luz Therapy reiki meditation wellness vocal sound therapy Lucy Toppetta

The signs? What signs?  Yes, there are always signs!

The signs usually begin showing up in a very indirect way, that is, until Spirit decides that you need a bigger and louder message to awaken your senses to shine that vibrant light that lies within. And we all have one! I have been the recipient of that bop on the head until I gave in and started following my path!  You can however, because of free will, choose to ignore it. And that’s OK!  But if you’re still here, I don’t think you want to!

This “light” may frighten some while inspire others! But when that moment hits, there is no right or wrong way to be or how fast you need to travel.  You are unique and so is your journey.  The plan was already laid out for you, but it’s always your choice if you wish to go with the flow.  You can choose the ‘road of least resistance’ or resist, and choose another! And that’s OK too!

La Luz Light Institute La Luz Therapy reiki meditation wellness vocal sound therapy Lucy Toppetta

The Workshops

These workshops are a series of interesting, enlightening, motivating, inspiring and always fun-packed group activities that are meant to bring you closer to your Soul Purpose and ease the “growing pains” which sometimes come with spiritual development. They are in place in an effort to guide and help you interpret the signs, the messages that keep repeating in your life. Whether it is to study a certain topic, change your diet, or generally live a more balanced life.  Some topics will include chakras, foods that heal, basic aromatherapy, reiki training and attunements, basic ayurveda, and so much more.

In these workshops, we will always begin with a short guided meditation to help you connect to your inner most sacred space where your truth and wisdom lie. It is during this time of total relaxation, that you will ask the burning questions or place intentions that are important to you.  When you ask the questions while in this state, the answers are always revealed. They may not make sense at the time, and that is when you file it for future consideration, and stay in the energy of that wisdom. Some answers or messages may be very small and perceived to be insignificant, while others, as subtle as a sledgehammer!  Following the meditation, the activity will flow more authentically so that which is revealed will be a small, or in some cases, a large piece of your unique puzzle. Remember, that all activities are always purposefully charged with Reiki light energy for everyone’s highest good!

Stay tuned for our list of offerings coming very soon!! Will you join me?

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