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Ancient Healing Techniques are Back in a Big Way!

Alternative medicine and holistic healers are filling in the gap left behind by unfulfilled promises made by conventional medicine. We, as a generation are slowly beginning to realize that much of our health can be completely in our control.  From proper nutrition to regular exercise, just to cite the basic essentials, many physical issues can be resolved or at the very least controlled.  The use of chemicals to affect the body systems to manage symptoms is not healing. It is definitely not getting to the root cause of the problem thus masking what truly needs to be resolved.

Personally, when I choose more holistic approaches to improve my health, my body responds quicker than with conventional methods and without the side effects. In my personal experience with chemical treatments, the side effects most often are worse than the original issue being addressed.  Regardless of whether our health issue is genetic or due to an unhealthy lifestyle, healing starts deep within the energetic body.

Holistic practitioners all agree that unresolved emotional imbalances held in our bodies through the years ultimately result in physical symptoms.  Based on Chinese Traditional Medicine, for example, constant emotions like fear and anger will unbalance the body chemistry. Fear appears to attack the lower back and extremities while anger is understood to affect the liver.  Ruling out any environmental contaminants that can be connected to the symptoms, most of our problems may come from repeated unhealthy behaviours and thought patterns. Yoga, acupuncture, meditation, massage therapy, reiki, herbology, aromatherapy and so many more all yield amazing benefits that have the power to transform our health.

Yoga poses

Did you know that yoga is several centuries old?  Some texts reveal that this practice is as much as 10,000 years old!  Now that can definitely qualify as ancient!  Yoga consists of several practices in one. They include, of course, the physical aspect involving gentle to more advanced stretches and positions.  Additionally, it can calm the mind with specific breathing techniques while raising conscious awareness. That means, seeing and feeling things you would normally miss or subconsciously avoid. I always say that we need to “feel it” to “heal it” and the best way out of it is through it! When we tap into the calm space we are lead to by a teacher or found on our own, all body systems will work more efficiently and effectively to fight off symptoms. Our bodies are truly self-healing machines but cannot function at optimum speed and efficiency when we get in its way. From a philosophical perspective, practicing yoga regularly can have a huge impact on our level of success in all aspects of life as it trains the mind to move with the flow of life and what it throws at us.  Walking the path of least resistance allows us to be more accepting and create more opportunities while encouraging synchronicities we may have missed otherwise.


La Luz Therapy reiki meditation wellness vocal sound therapy Lucy Toppetta

Acupuncture is considered several thousands of years old based on ancient Chinese texts.  It uses the body roadmap of meridians which are like interconnected highways sending energy, or Qi throughout the body. When one of the “highways” has a traffic jam, it reduces the flow of Qi resulting in physical symptoms.  Other than using needles, I have successfully used laser acupuncture which is great for the squeamish. The practitioner uses the same roadmap as traditional acupuncture, but rather than needles, they will use a laser light beam which is understood to penetrate more deeply into the cells to reorganize them and begin a healing process. My first experience was with a knee injury not healing with physical therapy over 8 months. It took 3 sessions with laser acupuncture for the swelling to reduce and mobility restored.  Studies show that acupuncture along with other natural healing techniques can successfully relieve pain from injury, lower the need for medications that treat diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol as well as treat insomnia, anxiety and stress.


Meditation comes in many forms.  Deep breathing over a 5-minute period, for example, can release toxins trapped in our organs and send a rush of oxygen-rich blood into all our systems. We are, for the most part very shallow breathers, but when we breathe deeply, our belly and lower back expand helping us to get grounded. Groundedness is important for our overall well-being. If we visualize a tree with large strong roots anchoring themselves deep into the earth,  we are certain that no wind can tear it down. Such is how we should view our life and the drama that sometimes arises around us. Standing tall and strong and weathering the storms with grace and calm is what we need to avoid emotional and physical breakdowns. The prescription is to consider any of the modalities mentioned in this blog.   Sound meditation, for example, can include the tapping of brass or crystal bowls, gentle drumming or a singing voice.  When our body’s energy frequency begins to match that of the healing sound tools, then we become more balanced and natural healing can occur.  I will soon upload a blog on how various frequencies can affect the body physically and energetically.  A simple walking meditation can help restore mental clarity and focus. I welcome you to read my recent blog on the benefits of meditation.


La Luz Therapy meditation wellness vocal sound therapy Lucy Toppetta

As a Reiki practitioner, I would be remiss to not speak of the outstanding benefits

delivered through this incredible yet gentle modality. In the early 1900s, a Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui was inspired during his typical 21-day meditation retreats, to teach and deliver this healing technique. He discovered that not only was it spiritually uplifting but it improved the health of many of his students and followers. Ancient texts reveal that Reiki may be over 5000 years old, however, and originating deep within Tibet. From a scientific perspective, we are all made of energy and thus energy can be transformed.  For the more spiritual approach, we are surrounded by Divine Light which we can harness and deliver to those in need.  Our hands are powerful tools when used for a tender embrace, a friendly handshake and the first thing we go for when we bump our head. We all have the power to heal when the intention is filled with compassion and love.  Regardless of its origins, or the approach you subscribe to, what is important to highlight is that this deeply relaxing modality has proven time and time again how effectively it can shift the body’s energy levels to a place where healing can begin.  My experience using Reiki with my mother, for instance, has been profound.

Adding any one or more of these holistic practices to our wellness routine can greatly enhance any conventional treatments – potentially reducing them over time. I do not suggest here to cut out any conventional treatments. On the contrary!  By adding any one of these will greatly enhance and speed up the recovery or reduction in symptoms. As with any treatment, consistent follow-up appointments will encourage the necessary shifts at the energetic level.   Choose one, or more, but it is important to stick to a plan.  Results may happen quickly or take some time but know that whatever holistic modality we choose when practiced and delivered with compassion, it will always be helpful to not only our body, but our mind will experience more clarity and our spirit will hold more joy and creativity for a more fulfilled life.

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