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Spiritual Musings: Connecting to Divine Energy – Yes You Can

Clients often ask me, “I feel like there’s something missing in my life, but don’t know what it is”.  Deepening spirituality is on the rise.  What does that mean?  Events in our local communities to worldwide retreats, endless articles, and inspirational thoughts on spirituality have become a daily occurrence and for some, simply overwhelming.

Photos of beaches and mountain tops calling out your name to go and explore your inner calling appear on every social media news-feed leaving some lost and confused…but engaged nonetheless. But why the dichotomy? This is what is called an awakening.  If you are on the outside looking in, you may be intrigued, curious and fearful all at the same time about investigating it further. If you have traveled this road for a while, like I have, it is up to us to reach out our hearts and offer some simple guidance to help others navigate these uncharted waters which are unique to them.

Francesco Panceri
La Luz Therapy reiki meditation wellness vocal sound therapy Lucy Toppetta
Photo Credit: Francesco Panceri

We are more than just flesh and blood, but energetic beings who vibrate with the heartbeat of the universe.  Whatever is occurring to one, will occur to the whole – albeit at various rates and levels of impact.  Some of my friends and acquaintances dip a little toe in the water whenever I post an article or invite them to one of my events.  They are drawn to them, but may not yet be ready for the big reveal.

The longer and deeper you walk on this path that has magically appeared in your life, the more of your true self is revealed. This isn’t always easy to accept as it might mean changing what you once thought was true or no longer resonating with people you’ve known or jobs you’ve had for so long.  The Universe is just re-calibrating you to where you were intended to be all along. It’s safe and it’s wonderful. Be open to the reveal.

Weekly and group meditations will carry a unique energy level which can help boost your daily practice and slowly reveal the unseen about your uniqueness.  If this calls to you, join us for Healing Song Guided Meditation.



“When you tend to your garden of life,  little buds of opportunities and revelations spring up and enrich your journey!!” – La Luz

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