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Spiritual Musings: How is it Going?

Grab a tea, a coffee, or a smoothie and sit with me for a little while!

Here we are, more than halfway through the year! Have you achieved some of what you intended at the start of the year? Have you discovered truths about yourself that have put you on a different path altogether, and you’re loving it? Are opportunities falling at your feet because you finally decided that you are worth it and have become open to abundance? Or are you stalled because of fears or lack of support?

This half-year review is a useful exercise to examine your progress. If you have the support of like-minded family and friends, you should then be well on your way. If, however, you find yourself taking two steps forward and one step back, then perhaps you need to re-examine your methods, your state of mind and state of heart, or the people that surround you. If this is you, perhaps spending time alone to answer these questions, and dedicate regularly to check-ins, and to stay focused on your goals is the prescription.

La Luz Therapy reiki meditation wellness vocal sound therapy Lucy Toppetta

Embrace the time you spend alone. It is in that place of quiet that you will discover your true essence. What does that mean, exactly? I am a true believer that we are so much more than our physical self. We are made up of thoughts and feelings, fears and beliefs based on learned behaviour and cultural customs. Not only our own but those of our parents and siblings, close friends and mentors. So, if we were to take those away, who are we really? What are we? If this is not something that resonates with you, then you are content in all that you do, and all that you are. This is what we all wish to achieve. If however, when you are alone with your thoughts you find yourself with more questions than answers, then you know that what you see is not enough, and a deeper examination is necessary.

Don’t feel fear when you discover that you are much more than you think you are. When you have probing questions that can’t be found in a book or in a friend’s advice, look within.

I see it this way: there are those who are deep into their spiritual journey by visiting places like Bali, Thailand, India and similar places on a regular basis to learn from masters in spirituality and holistic living. They see no other way to do this! Then there are those who don’t need to travel to far away locations and find their Nirvana through local groups that share similar interests.

Good Food
La Luz Therapy reiki meditation wellness vocal sound therapy Lucy Toppetta

If they are not already, some may have become vegetarian, vegans or raw foodists as they see no other option to ensure that the energies are received, processed and shared without obstruction. And then there are those who are more subtle in their development by reading many authors on the subject, attending the occasional workshop or seminar on how to better reach their spiritual goals, meditate regularly and may be certified in one of the many healing modalities. And then there are those who feel a little different than the crowd they hang with. They never speak of the rumblings within, do good things, do no harm, love deeply, feel a pull towards nature, but never really go any further because that’s all they are pulled to do.

If you see your life as a journey, and a series of events that propel you forward, not to a destination but to a gentle unfolding of yourself, you will always find peace on that road of least resistance.

If you need support or meet like-minded people, please join us for our regularly scheduled Healing Song Guided Meditation. If this calls to you, get on our subscriber’s list.

Enjoy all that is blooming in your garden of life! You deserve the harvest!

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