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Are You Ready to Tap into Your Inner Healer?

Out of the blue, 18 months ago, a young student living in Montreal was inquiring about Reiki treatments and found her way to me.  When I first saw her, she was coming out of a break-up with her boyfriend and was lost, confused, anxious and hurt.

Typically, my clients are middle-aged to seniors who have seen a thing or two and realize it’s time for a different approach to their healing and wellness plan.  So, when I met Amanda, I was instantly hopeful that young people can indeed connect with alternative and holistic techniques to help with their adolescent and young adult challenges.

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La Luz Therapy reiki meditation wellness vocal sound therapy Lucy Toppetta

It wasn’t very long before Amanda and I saw inspiring shifts in her internal self-talk, her beliefs, and her behaviors.  This young woman took to Reiki like a fish to water. I was so humbled and grateful that I was part of this wonderful unfolding.  Stuck at a crossroads, she thought she would put Reiki to the test and started placing intentions at every session for a new path to reveal itself.  A talented singer, and dancer, she thought it might be time to be a triple threat and enrolled in theater school in Toronto. Wow, she manifested a long time dream and felt good about it.  She had an innate knowing that this was right despite the need to leave her family, especially after a devastating flood in the spring of 2017 which affected her family home, as well as her community.  Her anxiety over a breakup and the fallout from that had now become such a distant memory that she could barely remember the details.

She packed her bags while helping her family salvage family heirlooms and clean up river water stains along the walls of their basement.  It was bittersweet but somehow, for the first time, she felt calm and somehow mysteriously supported in this decision, and what challenges would lie ahead of being away from home for the first time.

La Luz Therapy reiki meditation wellness vocal sound therapy Lucy Toppetta

During her last session before boarding the train westbound, a beautiful and life-changing message came through.  When the treatment was over we both looked at each other as though we sensed the same message, and tears rolled down our faces.  It was time that Amanda became attuned to Reiki Level 1 for her spiritual development and overall wellness.

This inspiration was finally realized on December 19th, 2017 during her only 3-day stay with her family as she was urgently expected back to her 2 part time jobs in Toronto, during the Christmas rush.  She is grateful for Skype and other technologies to still manage to be close to loved ones on Christmas Day. In the meantime, she will enjoy an early Christmas celebration with family.

During the Reiki workshop where she learned about energy, from both a spiritual and scientific approach, she was both excited at now having access 24/7 to this wonderful energy and anxious of what it would mean in her life. We covered the history of Reiki and its first recorded master, how Reiki works, and how it promotes healing through our energy centers.  We talked about how a Reiki attunement feels like and what to expect during the 2-week detox as her body adjusts to the new energy.

La Luz Therapy reiki meditation wellness vocal sound therapy Lucy Toppetta

Finally, it was time for me to conduct the ceremony for the permanent Reiki attunement. Although she wasn’t my first student, my 98-year-old mom was three years ago, I was also excited and anxious at what this could mean for Amanda.  It was a beautiful moment and I was so humbled by this gift given to me that now I share with others.  The ceremony was emotional for both of us as we remembered the journey that brought her to this moment and the potential that lies ahead for her.

Before the attunement, I taught her the self-treatment hand positions which she followed with a few stumbles the first time but finally perfected them.  Following the attunement, I noticed tears rolling down her cheeks as she noticed something was different. She explained that she now felt a warmth coming from her hands along with a vibration that she remembers during our sessions together. She looked empowered, self-assured and humbled by what had just happened to her.

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La Luz Therapy reiki meditation wellness vocal sound therapy Lucy Toppetta

We ended with the discussion of must-dos for the next couple of weeks to avoid any discomfort as the energy settles in her body.  Salt baths, daily meditation, and daily self-treatments over the next 21 days should help things settle down as well as create a wonderful routine that should continue beyond the detox period.

With her certificate proudly in her hand, she couldn’t wait to share this all with her family but first, she felt she needed to rest!  The strain of her long bus ride from Toronto the night before was starting to show, but the excitement in her eyes and her wide grin showed that it didn’t much matter.

Blessings to this young woman who now has a tool that she will carry with her always and tap into for any and all circumstances in her life.  Reiki will work for her on the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual levels, on situations, on her food and water, her plants and crystals,  and her friends and family.  The range and diversity of the power of Reiki are limited only by her imagination.

Are you ready to permanently connect to the beautiful and powerful energy of Reiki?  Classes will resume later in 2018.


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